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Stephen Gass


Comment from Stephen Gass:

I would have to say it was a decent night bowling tonight. I wouldn't have been able to do it without the encouragement of my team @marksb79 @stymie3jr lol one of these days I'll get my perfect game. 1 pic from 750 2 away from personal best 749 bowling westpoint shithappens greatencouragement

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Beyond Bridges Social


Comment from Beyond Bridges Social:

Singing the Army Song! I must admit I teared up a bit. Such pride to be among such warriors and great men! fortsill fortsilloklahoma lawtonoklahoma fieldartillery boomboombaby westpoint changeofcommand 💋💋 BeyondBridgesSocial @BBridgeSocial BridgeSocial bossbabe entrepreneur @bbdiva88 • • • • • • • womeninbiz womanceo heathen businesswoman womenwhowork dallasentrepreneurs growyourbusiness dallas texas texaswoman fortworth dfw rulestobreakin2017 smallbusiness smallbusinessbigimpact womanfounder 30under30 gogetters

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Keith Huylebroeck


Comment from Keith Huylebroeck:

West Point on the Eno, a city park/historical center in Durham, NC - late October 2016

1 Hours ago

Live Like JP


Comment from Live Like JP:

Live for today, worry about tomorrow... tomorrow. Josh lived his life by that phrase and inspired me to do the same. We waste so much of our time worrying about things that are out of our control. Don't let tomorrow's worries steal the joy of today. Be present. Live in the moment people! nationalpuppyday bestfriends keepgoing livelikejp neverdieeasy westpoint armyranger ltpowell curesarcoma sarcomaawareness

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Comment from chrisWpestel:

Day 793 - someone ( @carolineannetaft) finally convinced (forced) me to (let her) make a book out of some of my West Point photos. It feels good to hold. makearmyfootballgreatagain singsecond GFBD goarmy navysucks army armywestpoint westpoint usma unitedstatesmilitaryacademy blackknights dutyhonorcountry oldgrad ogaf longgrayline westpointpics

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John Scalia Jr.


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Disgruntled Decks


Comment from Disgruntled Decks:

So THAT'S how they do it! disgruntleddecks army usarmy navy usnavy airforce usairforce usmc marines marinecorps soldier soldiers sailor sailors uscg coastguard westpoint usma veteran veterans freedom america american militarymemes military cardsagainsthumanity

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Brian Rulison


Comment from Brian Rulison:

Congrats to Andrew and Vivien Watson for becoming first time homeowners!! Thank you both for choosing me as your VA Loan specialist. It was my pleasure!

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Bárður Lydersen


Comment from Bárður Lydersen:

westpoint liberia monrovia

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Route 8 Donuts


Comment from Route 8 Donuts:

Can you say your donuts made it to WEST POINT, NY?! We can! Thanks to this amazing man, Luke! Luke, we appreciate everything you're doing currently there in NY and your dedication. Thank you for sharing this picture with us! See you soon and God Bless! donuts westpoint ny nrv va vatonyc donuttrail route8donuts rt8donuts mamawemadeit lookatus donutsmakemegonuts

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Comment from Shadow.warrior.1776:

Stolen from @protect_the_border I think it's time for another crusade! What about y'all?! LETS FIGHT FOR OUR FREEDOM AND DEFEAT ISLAM!!! -------------------follow me @shadow.warrior.1776 ✅. Tell your friends about me! ---------like 👍🏻 share 📩 and tag people! 3percenter Follow @shadow.warrior.1776 🇺🇸🇺🇸 2ndamendment republican military nra militia conservative godblessamerica usa🇺🇸 warrior1776 armystrong christian merica warrior norefugees soldiers military revolution trump🇺🇸 gunsarefun westpoint army military guns pistol war rifles assaultlife God bless you all.

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Glitz Photo Booth


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Comment from ^_−☆•SrangerThanFiction•^_−☆:

FuckFoxNews!! TheSuicideFile KillYourTv FuckFoxNews Thanks again Topher! @knivesbatsnewtoph

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West Point


Comment from West Point:

Калининградцы, а вы готовы к обещанным сюрпризам?🎁 Не планируйте ничего на воскресенье! PS: Все подробности завтра😉 westpoint kaliningrad калининград

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Sergio Castillo


Comment from Sergio Castillo:

Hit some back and Bi's today! 9 weeks left for me to see where I can take my body to the best it can . Still not show ready but we gettin closer that's forsure . arms💪 bodybuilding lightheavyweight or classicphysique moreworktodo westpoint fullasfuck

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Pablo Orozco


Comment from Pablo Orozco:

West Point Bound! Can't wait to finally get a hands on tour of the college I'm striving to get in! As well as excited to see my first ever rugby game on Saturday, Army vs. Navy!---GO ARMY BEAT NAVY • blessed westpoint army excited beatnavy bestcollege ivyleague rugby armystrong bestfriend leaders myfuture flight delta gretch striving

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Charles Miller


Comment from Charles Miller:

The best Fried Chicken on Earth. I just got my homeboy to drive 1 hour and 45 mins off the strength of my word and this dude trying to buy the restaurant! My indulgence is done back to Atlanta food foodporn Georgia westpoint foodie love newts fuckthatsdelicious atllife atlnights nightlife atllifestyle atlantanights promotion

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Jason Cartee


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mossyoak westpoint mississippi gilhanse

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Jason Cartee


Comment from Jason Cartee:

mossyoak westpoint mississippi gilhanse

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Jason Cartee


Comment from Jason Cartee:

Another amazing addition to golf in the Deep South. mossyoak westpoint mississippi gilhanse

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