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Comment from Mirrano®︎:

とっても濃い1年になりました〜〜🙂✔️みなさん仲良くしてくれてありがとう( ◠‿◠ ) thankyou

11 Seconds ago

Shenara Desu


Comment from Shenara Desu:

What a punk, being a good boyfriend and all ✨😒👏 @alex_mc1337 watchingoverme cringe sarcasm hesmine amazing loveyou thankyou goodman whytho spoiledgirlfriend coupleinchrist toomanyhashtags

19 Seconds ago

my ☕️


Comment from my ☕️:

記録用✍️ . leafpie 🌿 お菓子選びのセンスがちょっと古いですかね😅 . . 昔から銀座ウェストが好きで仕事帰りによくレアチーズケーキを食べに行ってました。銀座七丁目、場所柄なのか20代の女性は私しかいなかったような🙄笑 何とも言えない大人の空間、珈琲をお代わりしてくれるのも嬉しくて通い続けていた(若々しい)商社マンでした👩🏻‍💻今の歳なら周りを意識せずゆっくり珈琲が楽しめるのかもですね😌 . . ginzawest 銀座ウェスト リーフパイ thankyou foreveryone farewell goodbye

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Comment from mona:

ママのおはなし きいてるよ🐶 外では「石焼き芋」の声🍠 陽は差してるけど 空は薄曇り 3月も終わりだなぁ😌 dog papillon family mydog lovedogs love mylife happy happyday happiness wonderful wonderfullife peace hope grace memories praytogod restinpeace thankyou

38 Seconds ago

Steve Fennington


Comment from Steve Fennington:

We are DancingStars in the MemoryBall Your vote = dollars to endalz Visit dreadfuldisease alzheimersawareness findacure legit help passion and compassion karen & steve thankyou

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Comment from M∆I:

Birthday present from @chacha_0331 🎁❣️ いつも好み偏ってしもて自分ではきっとチョイスしなかったと思うデザイン✨ 可愛いぃ🙈💚 @uniqueacce さんのハンドメイド💫 どれがいいかなぁとか考えてくれるのが嬉しいよね😘❤️ありがとう😊💕 birthdaypresentthankyouhandmadeaccessorypierce

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Comment from GIGA CLEARANCE SALE on air 🎧🎵🎶:

. . . [[ READY STOCK ]] 💥 GRAB FAST NO REGRET 😎 💎1 SET LEFT💎SIZE : 40 B/C . . ✔ 2 pcs Super comfort (flower pattern) at rm50 (pink, yellow) ✔ 1 pcs Style (basic plain) at rm20 (nude) ✔ 100% cotton ✔ PRICE : RM70 ✔ OFFER : RM60. less rm10 & (get your lovely freegift!!) 🎁💕 . . Dm / wassap Fast reply & free consultation ✏ +60 111 9999 190 💋 +60 111 9999 190 💋 +60 111 9999 190 💋 ===================== . ⛔ No booking ⛔ No reservation 💰 1st payment, 1st shipping ✈ . thankyou nursingbra nursingbramurah barangbaby maternitybra baby bramenyusu bramenyusuimurah nursingbramalaysia nursingbras sayajualnursingbra bazaarpaknil bazaaronline bazaaronlinemalaysia nursingbramurahmalaysia sayajualmurah branursing branursingmurah branursingmalaysia

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Comment from antisocial_potato_spook:

We ALMOST made it. You ALMOST loved me. I ALMOST got forgot you. You ALMOST came back 😔 almost whatislove iwantyou bettertomorrow lovelive iloveyou why whylookingforabecause wonder illneverknow neverknow neverforget littleinfinity thankyou imissyou wealmostmadeit sad sadword sorry illwait

49 Seconds ago

karasawa ᙏ̤̫❤︎


Comment from karasawa ᙏ̤̫❤︎:

. カナダで時計なくして ガン萎えだったけどお父さんが 卒業祝い就職祝いもかねて 時計買ってくれた😢♡♡ . 親孝行しなきゃ…👨🏻👩🏻 . follifolliewatchladieswatch follifolliewatchnewwatch⌚️ giftmyfatherthankyoulove

49 Seconds ago

MEL Lopez


Comment from MEL Lopez:

What an amazing concept and mind shift!! growth gratitude sorrynotsorry thankyou appreciationpost

54 Seconds ago



Comment from Reina:

4人で富士急🗻🎢 朝雪めっちゃ降ってたけど晴れて高飛車とか乗れてよかった! 久しぶりに集まれて、あっとゆうまで本当に楽しかった~❤️ 遅刻してごめんね😂 ㆍ ㆍ 오랜만에 만난 친구들이랑 후지큐하이랜드에서 놀았다🎢 눈도 내려서 진짜 추웠지만 너무 재밌었어용☃️💞 ㆍ ㆍ 富士急ハイランド 富士急 お疲れ様 大好き MAR272017 friends thankyou yestarday daily 내일 친구 고마워 사랑해 재밌다 러브 러브스타그램 데일리 일본 후지큐하이랜드 팔로우

1 Minutes ago

broken krown


Comment from broken krown:

💐T H A N K Y O U T U E S D A Y! 🙌🏻 Now, ALL items including our handmade neckties & bandannas are just $5 on our website! 😱 get in before Wednesday as the site is shutting down for good! 💥DM if there are designs you've seen at a market that aren't online 🙃 . . It's our way to say a big THANK YOU to our followers, likers, customers & supporters 😽 . . Come & see us in our 💜P U R P L E💜 marquee, where dogs drink free 🐶💦 at ⬇️⬇️⬇️ 👑 Warralily Easter Market (our 2nd last market!) Sunday April 9th 10am-2pm • 👑 Torquay Cowrie Market (our last market!) Sunday April 16th 10am-2pm

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お台場で散々遊んだ後は相方Bを拾って買出しして宅飲み😂💓うちらの宅飲みとか女子力無くて日本酒呑んだりとか相変わらずな🍶ツマミのチョイスも😂😂😂子供たちは散々興奮して寝てから2人で語りつつGossip Girl過ぎなMIdnight🦉ブレアがやんの性格代弁してくれることに気付いた🤣💖💋💖で、相方は終電で帰るはずもないけど早めの解散🙌まさかのサプライズでまた誕生日プレゼントで、お揃いのピアスくれたーーー😭😭😭 * と、久しぶりに短髪にして格好よくなった龍馬さんとイカしてる仁のコラボの激写!by.やん * . I did girl society with my close friend in a house🍶💓 . gossipgirlmidnightdrinkgirlstalklovehouseBSsurprisebirthdaypresentThankyou真夜中のゴシップガールガールズトーク酒宅飲みサプライズ誕生日プレゼント再びありがとうラブ仲良し相方やっぱり相方はあんただよB楽しすぎた

1 Minutes ago

Wayne Jason Gilbert


Comment from Wayne Jason Gilbert:

beautiful happy portrait streetportrait streetstyle swag instadaily visiting colors tones girl cute thankyou

1 Minutes ago

Kelsey Parsons


Comment from Kelsey Parsons:

So thankful for all the wishes and gifts this year 😘 thankfull wonderfulbirthday thankyou happygirl 26 imgettingold birthdaygirl loveyouall icecreamcake candles flame

1 Minutes ago



Comment from Ann💟:

Lol, no offense to any slow readers! 🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉 THANK YOU EVERYONE WHO HAS FOLLOWED ME IN THE LAST 24 HRS (its been like 6 people, but I feel so accomplished) 🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉 Q- What are/were your top 3 most anticipated reads this year? A- Ryan & Julie by @melidite , Zenith by @sashaalsberg & @authorlindsaycummings , and Lord of Shadows by @cassieclare1 🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉 thankyou followers ryanandjulie lordofshadows zenith books slowreader 2017 lovebooks

1 Minutes ago

Kace C


Comment from Kace C:

Fundraising fun! pulltogether uvic uvicdogwood notransmountain thankyou to our donors! cragx 10acres selfhealherbs patagonia outoftheblue uvicbookstore hempandco thank you to everyone for your support

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Comment from 由妃乃:

. . 「レポート終わらな会わん」 ちゆわれとったんやけど 終わってないのに会ってしまった。笑 しかも、レポートがんばって! ちゆってくれた🐝🌹 . 本気でがんばって 3月いっぱいで終わらせよ😹 春休みなんに春休みやない💔 . thankyou bunbun bunchan nursestudent spring vacation 🌸 instagram instadaily like4like l4l 🐝 🐰

2 Minutes ago

Nancy (Jingyao) Yang


Comment from Nancy (Jingyao) Yang:

singing He saw that I'm carrying a guitar so after he sang a Spanish folk song asked me to sing one in return haha :) Bye Mexico City it's been real fun blessed thankyou

3 Minutes ago



Comment from ✨🍭✨:

🍀☘️ - Green Bean Slime 🍨Greenbean - _____________________________________________________ QOTD: DO YOU LIKE FLOAM? AOTQ: YESSSS, I love the crunchy sound :) __________________________________________________________ [☘️] - Not selling right now - [💿] - Self Promotion is deleted and blocked - [🕸] - We are accepting reviews! - [🐾] - Follow our personal accounts @merrychristianson and @laurenpaw128 - _________________________________________________________ [TAGS] 🍧 slime slimeusa asmr FluffySlime raspberry Floam PINK CrunchySlime pokingslime Featureus slimeasmr diy diyslime slimetutorial slimerecipe Like4Like follow4follow satisfying glitter blackpink thankyou redslime yellowslime greenslime blueslime purpleslime mixedslime slimesmoothie satisfyingvideos

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