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Anyways that's beautiful 👌🏼🇪🇬pyramidssphynxGizehegyptcairovisitegyptigramerbeautifulplacesinstatraveltravelgramtravelporntravelerflightattendantlifecrewlifeworldbestgramfollowmecanonphotographyphotograminstapicinstadaily

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DubDeitz Pyramids ComingSoon TheWorldIsYours

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Egypt Pyramids history Ancient gold Safe

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Visiting Aztecs mexico pyramids teotihuacan

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I was so impressed with @alana_fairchild Crystal Mandala Oracle that I just had to have the Isis Oracle. It is absolutely Gorgeous!!! Pictured with Chakra Pyramid, Shungite Pyramid, and Amethyst. Egypt oraclecards isisoraclecards pyramids spiritual spiritualgrowth expandconsciousness loveandblessings lightworker raiseyourvibration spreadlove

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Let's talk a walk in the wild side, babe. 🇲🇽☠️💀🙆🏻 AvenueOfTheDeath Pyramids Teotihuacan WildSide MexicanAdventures

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Step by step guide on the table... 💪💪💪 I got this! Today after talking about Apostle I spoke with my business advisor for a while about cats and how they are probably from outer space and built the pyramids themselves and the sphinx statues. 🙌 hands up if you agree! Lol website comıngsoon staytuned watchthisspace cats catsinouterspace cat pyramids florence florencewelch flowers pretty precious biglove fresh fashion unique scotland worldwide original muse music @florence 💕

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Today we did something incredible . We climbed through a tunnel in one of the Great Pyramids of Giza to the burial chamber of a king Egypt pyramids giza cairo

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Small mitla pyramids were like cherry on top 🍒 of the amazing day ☺ tracking in hierve el agua archeologicalsitemesoamericamexicotravelingexploringtravelingmexicohistory

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Силен тот, кто управляет своими слабостями 😌egyptpyramidssphinx

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A snapchat representation of how I feel about life these days. art artwork snapchat actor actorlife Losangeles LA filters artist triangle pyramids

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I am loving the energy radiating from these powerful Quartz pyramids⚡ "According to Joe Parr, a member of the Great Pyramid of Giza Research Association, any pyramidal shape will theoretically attract and trap certain mass particles and it is these particles that produce the orb-like energy field, also called a containment bubble, around any true pyramid that shields out other energies. It does so in order to cleanse the atmosphere outside around the structure enabling all other elements and vibrations to move towards the harmony and therefore making what is negative, positive. In this process, destructive energies are deflected and positive energies are enhanced. "❤ sacredgeometrypyramidsquartzpyramidpowercrystalscrystalhealing lovelightlosfeliz 📷 @betsyflores

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fbf 🔸 E G Y P T 🔸 2 0 1 3 “Tell me, when you are alone with him Sphinx, does he take off his face and reveal his mask?” ―Oscar Wilde . quote flashbackfriday egypt cairo giza pyramids sphinx travel travelphotography globetrotter travelgirl dreambig travellife wanderlust traveldudes traveldeeper mytinyatlas mywherever iamtb TLPicks TheGlobalMoment theworldguru Savoteur wanderwell TravellerShouts treadedtravels

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In Egypt again at last!!!! At the necropolis of Memphis, Saqqara before Djosrr- the oldest pyramid (like ever) from 2,700 BC (BC!).

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👽🚀 Teotihuacan: cidade onde os deuses descem. mexico teotihuacan pyramids tbt

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Desert Sunset Pyramids Horse Egyptian_Pyramids Egyptian_photography instagood Happy Relaxed 📸🌞🐎✌

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