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Daddy's Property


Comment from Daddy's Property:

Apparently I'm a sadist, which is way wrong😂 I'm to sensitive mentally for that, and if my daddy ever did that even with spanking me. He'd have to make sure I'm in the right state of mind first, before I fly off the wall thinking he doesn't want me, or is angry at me. The pain isn't even the problem, the emotional panic is. Tags . . . ddlg daddydom dom daddydomlittlegirl daddydombabygirl abdl cgl ddlgkitten ddlgcommunity kittenplaycommunity kittenplay kittengirl petplaycommunity submissive sub yesdaddy yessir ddlglifestyle ddlglittle littlespace diaperedgirl daddydominant adultbaby daddydomprincess bdsm safeplace safespace

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Comment from 🌸🌸NekoPrincess🌸🌸:

Forgot to upload the other day , but yeah Elfen lied cosplay finished the ears ☺️ cosplay elfenlied elfenliedcosplay nana anime animegirl manga neko lolita loli nekogirl piercings tattoos stretchers wig ears bandages follow4follow followforfollow followme shoutmeout commentsomethingnice likemyposts likemyrecent ifollowback kitten kittenplay petplay petplaycommunity

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Comment from nekofeng:

So bought some cute toys ^~^ toys paddle bdsm bdsmcommunity petplayaccount petplaycommunity bdsmlifestyle petplay uke ukeboy catboy meow sextoys nsfw

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Comment from c::

Hewwo!! I is Nicole and I'm 3 years old. I'm wooking for a daddy or mommy!! ddlg ddlglifestyle bdsm bdsmcommunity petplay petplaycommunity

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✨Suby Kitten✨


Comment from ✨Suby Kitten✨:

Unicorn princess 💕🦄👑 . . Repost credit: @crystalina17 ddlg ddlglove ddlgcommunity ddlglifestyle ddlgrelationship daddykink submissive bdsm bdsmrelationship bdsmlife daddysprincess daddyskitten l bondage petplay petplaycommunity kittenplay daddysprincess submissivelittle submissivekitten ddlgbdsm ddlgprincess ddlgbabygirl

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Comment from 18+:

Looking for bdsm models. Can be of any bdsm kink but must be 18+ kittenplay kitten petplay bdsm sub dom submissive dominant collar littles petspace kittenspace littlespace neko cute girls petplaycommunity ears tail catgirl catears kittygirl kittyplay kittengirl

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Comment from Alexy🔪💞💞:

Can I time travel to the weekend? //////////😘👗✌🙊 bdsm bdsmcommunity ddlb ddlg mdlg mdlb princess prince collar petplay petplaycommunity ageplay kink kinkster tail littlespace daddydom daddysgirl daddydomlittlegirl love

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⭐️kit kat⭐️


Comment from ⭐️kit kat⭐️:

Goodnight cuties! I hope all of you have dreams about unicorns giving you stickers and having tea parties with bunnies ✨🌙⭐️ (tbh I want to have a tea party with some bun buns how cute). • • • petplay petplaycommunity petplaylifestyle kittenplay kittenplaycommunity kittenplaylifestyle bdsm bdsmcommunity bdsmlifestyle submissive submissivekitten domandsub master nsfw ddlg cgl kink littlespace yesdaddy daddydomlittlegirl ddlglifestyle daddyskitten ageplay ageregression legallittlesleague subgirl

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A Little Bit Of A Bratty Baby


Comment from A Little Bit Of A Bratty Baby:

му яєℓιgισи (>ω<) σн αм∂ мαѕтєя ιѕ му gσ∂ вυт тнαт'ѕ αиσтнєя тσρι¢ 🙊 🍼 ✨ 🍼 ✨ 🍼 ✨ ddlglifestyle littlespace ddlg submissive dominate littleplaydate sfwddlg sfw ageregression ddlgrelationship ddlgdaddy ddlgpetplay sippycup sippycups ddlgsippycup ldrddlg littleheadspace dressup pastelbaby puppyplay petplaycommunity petplay cute manga mangaromance tail

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Pink baby bumbun 💖🐰


Comment from Pink baby bumbun 💖🐰:

Thanks to everyone who's gotten me over 500 today, it means a lot. Bunny Play has become my passion, my love and my happiness. So I really appreciate all the support I have from you guys. (This account is being weird and not letting me follow anyone atm. Oops.) 💕🐰🎀 . bunnybunnyplaypetplaypetplaycommunitykawaiilolitababycglddlglittlespacedaddydaddydomlittlegirlddlgprincessddlgbunnyddlglifestyledaddydomlittlegirllittlelittlegirlbabygirlageplaymasterprincess

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18+ Only Please!


Comment from 18+ Only Please!:

🦇Story time!🦇 . . I am so super happy and proud of myself! I'm finally reaching out more to my local kink community~ I'm going to a submissives only munch on Monday and a game night next Thursday! I'm so super excited to make friends and just generally become active. ☺️ . . Chance and I had a long and productive talk yesterday. He hasn't been feeling himself (or me myself) the past few years so we are stepping back to find ourselves again. We are still together, nothing has changed, we just respect each other enough to do what we need to do. He hasn't felt like a proper Dom in so long that he can't remember (I'd had my suspicions). This has lead to arguments every time I've brought up something BDSM related (we haven't done anything unvanilla in...tooooo long). So, after we talked, I asked how he would feel about being my Alpha or Owner, instead. He liked the idea of both, but we both agreed Alpha seemed to imply a deeper connection. Now, he is my Alpha and I am his beta. Things are so much better now, it's crazy! We are both grateful. . . I am trying to open up more about myself to you all. I don't want to be some fake, generic image. I hope you don't mind. If you do, well... sorry, but tough ^-^; This is one of the directions I want to take my page. That and more positivity! 🖤💙🖤💙🖤💙🖤 . . Ears: @little.lycan Collar: @tiggerscollars

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Kat + Scar


Comment from Kat + Scar:

I think Daddy likes the photoshoots I do for him- Scar bdsmcommunity bdsm ddlg ddlgbrat princess submissive dominant sexy boudoir boudoirshoot babygirl littlespace lazyday little daddykink daddydomlittlegirl petspace petplay petplaycommunity kinkychicks kinky kinkygirls bdsmlifestyle bdsmrelationship bdsmsub dominant littleone ddlgsub ddlgdaddy ddlgbrat ddlgkitten ddlglittlegirl

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Comment from gtfo:

I just don't give a fuck , we nasty but cute 😂😘💋👅 @monacopatrick3 iloveyou littlegirl littlespace taken kisses love loml bdsmcommunity bdsmrelationship ddlg ddlgrelationship inlove cute babygirl daddy daddysprincess kittenplay petplaycommunity adorable

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Comment from 🐱💙🐱:

I wish I could post selfies on here. I get in selfie posting moods but I'm too insecure to put a lot on my personal. I also would rather have a bunch of selfies on this than on my personal??? It's weird. I feel conceited if there are too many on my personal. I would post some on here but ugh it's too risky. Maybe I could just do nose down or something. Idk ddlg kittenplay kittenspace daddydomlittlegirl babygirl littlespace pastel bdsm littlespacebdsm kinky littlegirl relationships cute pastel petplay petplaycommunity

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Comment from Kittykara:

This is how I practice my Japanese when I'm not studying. I practice making sentences and words and kanji by using this white board. I've used this method for other classes and it's worked great and I'm also not using up a shit ton of paper and ruining the environment as much so yay! Ok back to studying! If you want to see the translation see my comment below :3 Also I had to erase the kanji for fire because I miss wrote it and you do have to write it a certain way. kitten slave cat pet kittengirl petgirl neko nekogirl catgirl slavegirl catslave nekoslave kittenslave bdsm bdsmcommunity kittenplay kittenplaycommunity petplay petplaycommunity brat sub submissive ropebunny prey ねこ wolfpup japanesepractice 日本ご

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Stormieee | Your Player One


Comment from Stormieee | Your Player One:

I love you guys 💖 🦄🦄🦄 💫 Check out the stuff I make ~ Instagram: @littlepixeldreams Tumblr: Etsy: LittlePixelDreams Twitter: LilPixelDreams Facebook: Little Pixel Dreams 💜 Have a beautiful day that's as beautiful as you are, much love xoxo 💜 🦄🦄🦄 [ KittenPlay BunnyPlay PuppyPlay FoxPlay WolfPlay PetPlayCommunity Submissive DDLG MDLG CGLO CGL DaddyDomLittleGirl MommyDomLittleGirl DDLGLifestyle MDLGLifestyle DDLGCommunity MDLGCommunity Little SubmissiveLittle BDSM BDSMLifestyle BDSMCommunity Piercings Music Gaming Random PetGear LittleGear PetPlayShop ]

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Comment from 🐱💙🐱:

Today was good because after-school, some friends and I just drove and dicked around. We took a spontaneous trip to McDonalds, and I stuck a porcelain cat out of my friend's car's sunroof while we drove around. ddlg kittenplay kittenspace daddydomlittlegirl babygirl littlespace pastel bdsm littlespacebdsm kinky littlegirl relationships cute pastel petplay petplaycommunity

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Comment from オオカミと子猫:

• Another from the other day, because I was feeling really body confident. Also, side note, I'm drowning in school work. Anyone care to do my work for me so I can have a cat nap? • bdsmlifestyle bdsmcommunity bdsm bdsmrelationship bdsmgirl kitten yessir kittenspace wolfpup master princess sirskitten goodgirl littleone hislittle kink kinkychicks fetishes kittenplay wolfplay petplay petplaycommunity kittenspace wolfpup collar choker bralette tease wolfgirl

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I'm Tyler ⎟⎟ 🌸 3「28「17


Comment from I'm Tyler ⎟⎟ 🌸 3「28「17:

» ♡✁❀❛“⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ • Truly happy to be in a poly-relationship with @demi.alien ! 💕⠀I love them so much and our daddies are such gems. ⠀⠀ ⠀⠀⠀⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀abdl adultbaby petplaycommunity daddydomlittlegirl ddlg ddlgprincess ageregression ddlgcommuntiy littlespace kinkster diaperfetish diaperlover littlediaperbutt ddlgrelationship ddlglifestyle littlesleep mdlb abdlcommunity mdlg ddlb ddlgcommunity bdsmlifestyle bdsmcommunity domsubrelatonship dominant submissive submissivewomen daddykink mommykink mommydomlittleboy

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I hold the Crown👑


Comment from I hold the Crown👑:


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