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Rebecca van Enter


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Comment from Fiann:

This is a chunk of Asteroceras stellare ammonite fossil which joins on to a nice complete shell I found a few years ago. This is one of the rare examples of an un-crushed ammonite from a Stellare nodule. The vast majority of these ammonites are crushed and distorted. This piece shows off the beautifully detailed intricate internal gas buoyancy chambers which have remained empty for 196 million years since the animal died and its shell sank to the seafloor. fossil fossils art geology palaeontology paleontology paleo curiosity ancient history animal animals evolution science museum curiosity collection treasure hunting rocks minerals crystal rock beauty stone ammonite dinosaur age shell nature

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Frank Friesecke


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Gesehen im Straßenbahn Museum Chemnitz DDR Sozialismus karlmarx

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Matthew Raynor


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Meike Eggers


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What I've learned tonight: broccoli is a perfect example of a fractal. hetnieuweinstituut architecture broccoli rotterdam fractal night museum light

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Jaianna | JAÍ |


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fania | Θεοφανώ


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Kas di Pal'i Maishi


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Minister Ard van der Steur has visited us! Have you already written in our guestbook?

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Maria Kowalewska


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Semafor dla dorosłych. oskar oscar oscar2008 piotruśiwilk animacja animation bajka semafor łódź lodz muzeum museum

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Angel Parra Orrego


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👀grace 상 희 ❤


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Villard Studios


Comment from Villard Studios:

Here's another shot of our "Harbor Bait" woodblock! You can find the print at the @momalibrary in the last volume of our collection of handprinted books about the Boothbay peninsula. villardstudios art books studio handprinted moma peopleandfish boothbay boothbayharborme boothbayharbor boothbayhabormaine maine boothbayfootbridge maineart mainestudio woodblockprints prints printmaking printmakingart whitelineprints watercolor museum

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Fᴇʀʜᴀᴛ Yıʟᴍᴀᴢ


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Giulia Ianni 🌸


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Bagatti Valsecchi Museum. 🖼 milan milano instart art artlover museum bagattivalsecchi italianbeauty italianart tradition イタリア ミラノ 美 美術 見事 博物館

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Discovery Children's Museum


Comment from Discovery Children's Museum:

Playtime each day keeps the doctor away! Happy NationalDoctorsDay from our very own @SunriseHospital exhibit! 🏥 DiscoveryLV

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Comment from GEMandM:

Checkout these Enhydro Inclusions on a Nearly Flawless Quartz Crystal - It's Like a Network of Caves Filled with Water (Outlined in Red) - AA - Nearly Flawless Terminated Glassy Tibetan Quartz Crystal with a Network of Numerous Enhydro Inclusions - This Specimen has Numerous Mobile Bubbles of Gaseous Inclusions that Can Be Seen Flowing Around Inside the Water-Included Pockets - This Specimen is from Tibet -- GEMandM Quartz EnhydroQuartz Etsy Crystals GlassyQuartz EnhydroCrystal EnhydroIncluded EnhydroInclusions Rockhound Rocks Minerals Geology Geoscience Science Museum GemShown RockShow RockShop Lapidary RockCollection InstagramGemandMineralShow

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