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Barbara 👑❤️


Comment from Barbara 👑❤️:

Just cos my puff was poppin. ( prolly gonna take it down cos I look12) 😘😂 • • • blackgirlsrock shorthair naturalhair puff motherearth mothernature blackwomen melanin darkskingirls darkskin melaninpoppin blackandwhite snapchatfilter smile happyday sekondi ghana westafrica selflove 4chair naturalhairproblems melaninpower melaninonfleek

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Wild & Earthy Beeswax


Comment from Wild & Earthy Beeswax:

Chalk art love. Let the flowers bloom; food for the soul, and for the bees! Plant some for the pollinators! naturalliving organiclife motherearth plasticfreehome organicliving pollinatorfriendly ecogifts savethebees saveouroceans savetheworld ecoconscious greenliving

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Comment from celebr8wholeness:

Take a walk on the quiet side ~ motherearth healing

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Comment from NatashaLee:

Beads 😍 nature naturephotography outdoors adventure motherearth mothernature earth california

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Cindy Lorenzo


Comment from Cindy Lorenzo:

"Sube a una cumbre en busca del sol, encuentra la niebla, desciende y comparte el magnífico paisaje que has visto" Volcán Acatenango. . . . . . guatemala exploring volcano elmaizgt guatemalacom explorandoguatemala milugarfavoritopl monkayakgt quepeladoguate guatepordeacubrir @dslrofficial motherearth @natgeotravelerlatam thephotosociety natgeoyourshot

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Sharon Brooks


Comment from Sharon Brooks:

Sneaky behind the scenes pic shooting something exciting for @living_pure_official . Thanks @nicclett for making my job easy 🙏 nutrition wellness lifestyle . . . . . plantbased nutritionist healthy healthyfood docklands funday foodie vegetables eatrealfood eattherainbow summerfun sun postyoga yogaglow wholefoods motherearth docklands melbourne colourful plants breathe

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Everything is your inside..


Comment from Everything is your inside..:

goodmorning colors happy motherearth garden cactus white pink green purple love

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Comment from Teleah:

Disclosure 👁✨the veil is lifting 🌟motherearth spiritual spirituality lightworker conciousness awakening mindfulness healthy healing reiki yoga lawofattraction meditation earthwarrior thirdeye wicca soul awareness mindfulness crystals

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Comment from 📦🌴👽:

Falling 🌎

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Lara Jamison


Comment from Lara Jamison:

Wishing everyone sweet dreams ❤

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Words He Wrote❤


Comment from Words He Wrote❤:

Place: AMBERNATH•MUMBAI•INDIA Device: LENOVOK4NOTEVIBE • • • • • STAY CLOSE TO ANYTHING THAT MAKES YOU GLAD YOU'RE ALIVE. • • flowers beauty nature green plants white indigo mothernature instaflowers stayclosetoearth instanature motherearth mothernature beautifulnature beautifulearth naturalbeauty naturesbeauty beautifulnature sunshine petals keepfollowing instaclick hashtags mumbaivibe mumbaikar plantsofmumbai beautifulmumbai @mumbaivibe @lenovo_india @lenovo

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Katie Asher


Comment from Katie Asher:

. .. ... .... ..... ...... ....... ...... ..... .... ... .. . travel backpackerlife backpacker backpacking explore neverstopexploring planetickets exploretheworld beautiful incredible motherearth exploremore getoutside travelmore gypsy getuncomfortable adventure adventureaddict wanderlust gofar traveladdict nature wander instatravel ilovetravel tourist igtravel solotravel instago instapassport

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Comment from Connie:

Expedition sawmill 🤔. Found this abandoned sawmill near a small river that I fish in. Sometimes I wish I could go back in time so that I could see the workers here.....find out about their history. I just love old places like this....the older I get...the more I wanna know🤔. Oh well....a new day is here. U all have a beautiful day....and I'll see what I can do this day 😉. ___________________________ heaven freedom loveforever älska bestfriend bästavänner kärlek sunset motherearth naturälskare natur paradise naturelovers nature goldenretriever golden love sweden sverige hund hundar dreams hope fantasy drömmar mylife peace horse bordercollie history

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Jen White


Comment from Jen White:

Repost @seanecorn ・・・ Here's a prayer for you... In Israel right now with @mariannewilliamson and friends learning about the complex Israeli/Palestinian conflict. Thinking a lot about peace, trauma, human rights, oppression, politics and personal accountability. Thankful to @codyapp for cutting this down for me to make it available to you. I know many of you will ask if you can share the prayer. My answer will always be Yes. As with any prayer I offer, write it down, speak it word for word, or make it your own. I don't covet prayers. Use it if it moves you and you think it might be helpful to someone else. Please check out my work on CodyApp right now if you're interested in more prayer based practices. Today is the last day to get a discount. Or just download the FREE 30 minute practice A Prayer to Serve. Again, feel free to write that particular prayer down and share it. We all need to commit to being a part of creating social change. Healing from conflict is challenging, to say the least, but if we can do our best to engage from love, no matter what, then I do believe the change we seek will be made manifest and that peace will be it's inevitable outcome. Link in bio. peaceforall israelpalestine peacekeepers bodyprayer thebodyandbeyond belove thegodofyourunderstanding prayer yogaonline ritual higherpower creativeconsciousness motherearth holymother jewish christian muslim myreligionislove

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Sarah Rundles


Comment from Sarah Rundles:

Rainy nights are for drinking local... drinklocal beersofinstagram beerporn beerlover beerme craftbeer karlstrauss motherearth mixem nom sandiego gettingcrafty

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Comment from nicole:

Birds of a feather sticktogether beachbuddy birdland nature goldenrays sunshine beach planetearth ocean motherearth marcoisland beautiful wildlife lifeonearth todaywasagoodday

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Sunshine Herbals


Comment from Sunshine Herbals:

🌿💚Friends, I have chosen to follow my passion. To better my life and other lives. I am making a commitment. I have made a decision and have kicked fear in its ass. ✨ . . I have registered for this program, for The Vitalist Herbal Practitioner Program, that took my breath away as soon as I began reading the content. It was written for me to find. It found me. ✨ . . Fear that I can't pay for this. That I can't do it. That I won't understand it. That I will not be able to give all of me to my kids, to my full time job that pays the bills, to working on my herbal products and business, to myself and to my studies. ✨ . . I say no to fear. I am one with nature. I feel alive near herbs and in the garden. I come alive creating plant magic with herbs. That's real. My fears are not. ✨ . . I am ready to step up as an herbalist at this time when the world needs healing more than ever! . . Repost @evolutionary_herbalism ・・・ ✨🌿✨ We're accepting new students for The Vitalist Herbal Practitioner Program only until MONDAY 2/27 at midnight (pacific)! . . HERE'S WHAT YOU'LL LEARN: . 1. ANATOMY, PHYSIOLOGY & PATHOLOGY . 2. CLINICAL ASSESSMENT SKILLS - intake, pulse, tongue & facial diagnostics . 3. MATERIA MEDICA through the organ systems . . 4. VITALIST HERBAL THERAPEUTICS . 5. MEDICAL ASTROLOGY - how to read the natal chart to determine constitutional strengths, weaknesses and predisposition for disease . 6. STRATEGIC FORMULATION - how to intelligently design & create custom herbal formulas tailored to the person you're helping. . Through this course, you'll gather all of the skills you need to begin practicing as an herbalist in a truly holistic way. You'll be empowered and knowledgeable in how to help the people in your family, community & clinic with herbal medicine. . . herbalist herbalism plantmedicine plantlove gardening greenwitch plantmedicine groworganic goddess organicflowers organicherbs herbal healing naturalhealing herbs plantmagic apothecary plantallies mothernature flowermedicine naturalhealth ecobeauty greenbeauty allnatural organicgardening naturalremedies motherearth

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Je' Sunshine


Comment from Je' Sunshine:

regram @elevatedvibrations The Hueman original divine blueprint/creation was meant to be in full union with GuardianShip with motherEarth on her higher levels - we are the guardians Christ Avatar embodied 12-Strand up - right now are collective is doing the exact opposite of our PURPOSE RiseUp HigherAwakening ElevatedVibrations

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Comment from Recherche:

isaacnewton newton knowledge wise science inspiration motivated motivational universe cosmos faith god power energy humanity humanoid nordic angels motherearth believe belief emotions spirituality love lovelove lovelovelove ☺️❤️️artificialintelligence

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AG ♎️💙👽🥝


Comment from AG ♎️💙👽🥝:

The only thing to fear in this realm of existence is fear itself, life's a blessing every second. 🖤 nature gratitude love nirvana unity world peace bliss soul universalconsciousness 3rdEye pinealgland beautiful life meditate WeAreAllOne shed light upon others destiny christconsious inspiration libra motherearth oneness innerpeace truth

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