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Eriko Takata


Comment from Eriko Takata:

若丸&マロ😺💤 Wakamaru&Maro😺💤 cats ねこ ネコ 猫 catsofinstagram rescuedcats rescuecat 保護猫 元保護猫 保護猫出身 whitecat しろねこ lifewithcats ilovemycats lovecats wannabecat nocatsnolife sleepycats sleepingcats chillingout chillingoutcat まったり ソファーだいなし😹

7 Minutes ago



Comment from 441no8:

He got holter monitor to record his ECG for 24 hours. He looks like he got jet pack and ready for take off 😸. Good thing that he is used to wearing things✌️ lifewithcats tuxedocat oneeyedcats holtermonitor

39 Minutes ago

LuvUrCats 😺


Comment from LuvUrCats 😺:

Luvurcats allcats nice cats_rules kittenlover cats_of_world cats_of_instagram fun cats_daily_meow siamesecat catsleeping lovecats pet tabby animal instacat lifewithcats photooftheday cute elegant meow adorable sweety catlover petlover instagood kitty petstagram lifewithcat tomcat paws mygreatcat petpics caturday fur wildcat catsofworld kittycats dogsandcats whitecat ragdollkitty catsanddogs meowbox domestic weeklyfluff a_world_of_cats catsph ragdollkitten whiskers babykitten instakitty alleycat fluffy heart neko new ragdollcat eyes

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Comment from 🌳cats:

kittycat kittylove gato gatito lovecats pet petsanimal  instagatos instacats adotepets gatosdoinstagram ilovemycat  ilovecats cats catlovers gatos gatosdeinstagram instagramcats  catsofinstagram  catlife  meow catoftheday cutepetclub  instagramcats  instacat_meows  lifewithcats

55 Minutes ago

🤔Blogg'n Bout The Mom Life 👶


Comment from 🤔Blogg'n Bout The Mom Life 👶:

Cleo having a stare down with the Tulips...I'm not sure who's winning.

56 Minutes ago



Comment from 🌳cats:

kittycat kittylove gato gatito lovecats pet petsanimal  instagatos instacats adotepets gatosdoinstagram ilovemycat  ilovecats cats catlovers gatos gatosdeinstagram instagramcats  catsofinstagram  catlife  meow catoftheday cutepetclub  instagramcats  instacat_meows  lifewithcats

57 Minutes ago

rachel williams


Comment from rachel williams:

Catching mice is hard work catsofinstagram lifewithcats

58 Minutes ago



Comment from abbykadabby:

He likes to perch and look out over his domain. catlife catlady thegingerkitten themagpye lifewithcats magnusthemagnificent

1 Hours ago

Hillary Griffin


Comment from Hillary Griffin:

Thanks to @konekonyc for the kitty hammock. Lolita and Bessie love it. lifewithcats adoptdontshop

1 Hours ago



Comment from Kaitlin:

Why do I ever bother buying toys when he's happy as a clam with boxes? ccl lifewithcats thor

1 Hours ago



Comment from JennaySassCat:

Coming home just isn't complete without a cat creeping on you lifewithcats kittycreeper dothecreep justjennaythings blackcat blackcats blackcatsofinstagram catsofinstagram cats

1 Hours ago

CC ( CC Design )


Comment from CC ( CC Design ):

Monday? What Monday?? It's tabbytuesday eve!! 😼✨cat mondaymood caturday365 everydayiscaturday catlover catlovers ilovecats ilovemycats mycat tabbyjj greytabby tabby greycats lifewithcats 2/27/17 JJ 猫 猫との暮らし めちゃ忙しくて全然構ってあげれないこの頃 今日は珍しくJJが暴れました😼💨💨💨 ニコは目が点になってた😹

1 Hours ago

Oprah & Friends


Comment from Oprah & Friends:

Sophie (who is 15 yrs old) looks like a kitten sitting next to Oprah frenemies kittenface oprah catsnamedoprah petsnamedoprah catsofinstagram cats catstagram instacat fluffycat fatcat fatcatsofinstagram chubbycat felinos gatos gatosdeinstagram catlife lifewithcats meow mainecoon mainecoonsofinstagram crazycatman crazycatlady mycatisawesome fluffytail prettykitty catperson teamcatmojo

1 Hours ago

Sidney Bristol


Comment from Sidney Bristol:

I have a foot warmer. catsofinstagram crazycatlady lifewithcats mainecoon

1 Hours ago

Chihiro Kownacki


Comment from Chihiro Kownacki:

Poppy is enjoying sunshine between rains 🐱🐱😊😊 I think she knows the autumn is just around the corner🍁🍁 雨の合間の日差しを楽しんでいるポピーちゃん。もうすぐ秋だな〜って察しているようです🍁🐱🍁🐱

1 Hours ago



Comment from Carrie:

I know everything. 😼 catsofinstagram lifewithcats kitty

1 Hours ago

Applesauce and Mozzarella


Comment from Applesauce and Mozzarella:

Far and wide, we travel across the land of Alola and the skies above. aheartsotrue pokemonday 21yearslater

1 Hours ago

Maimi Patterson


Comment from Maimi Patterson:

Pepper rolling in sink catinsink rolling 綺麗に掃除されて乾いてるのを見計らってゴロゴロ modernsiamese siamese chocolatepoint cats pet catofinstagram nyaspaper beautifulcat lifewithcats モダンサイアミーズ サイアミーズ シャム猫 猫のいる暮らし にゃんこ にゃんすたぐらむ チョコレートポイント イケニャン美猫 pecoねこ部 みんねこ

1 Hours ago



Comment from jamikat1976:

Cat and Cat lifewithcats

1 Hours ago

Marian Pila


Comment from Marian Pila:

Joshua- Give Me That Treat Right Meow Please !!!!!!😻 ilovemycats love catlove catlife mycatsaremybabies catsruleeverythingaroundme lifeisbetterwithcats blackcats blackcatsofinstagram blackcatsofig iloveblackcats minipanther catsofinstagram instagood instadaily beautiful rescuecats petlove petsofinstagram petstagram purrrfect picoftheday photooftheday catlady catmom lifewithcats cattitude lovethoseears furbaby mommysboy

1 Hours ago