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Abe Cohen


Comment from Abe Cohen:

While on set @thelastshiptnt I had the pleasure of meeting @johnhennigan. Such a cool down to earth guy! It was great hearing about his crazy travelling schedule and the different projects he works on. I'm a fan of his work not only from @wwe but also his work on @superpowerbeatdown. Just awesome meeting you man thanks for taking the time to chat you rock! grateful thisguyisamazing 2017 abecohen actor acting tvactor actorslife actorsatwork onset thankful.

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We The Best Music Group


Comment from We The Best Music Group:

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Gino Larrosa


Comment from Gino Larrosa:

Yesterday I woke up 30 years old. Thank you to anyone that has ever given me a chance. Cheers to more life 🥂

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bethaney ang


Comment from bethaney ang:

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Barbara Gentile


Comment from Barbara Gentile:

Today's peak pose for me and my students was Malasana, the Garland pose. It is not an easy pose for us westerners who are not used to squat, and I'm very aware of that; it took me a while to get it and when I found it I loved it. I feel a deep peace here: a forward fold, a hip opener, a balancing act as well... so much going on, ankles flexibility helps too. Second chakra, Svadhisthana, the passion and pleasure center. This makes sense as I am at a point in my life when I'm truly doing what I love full time! I'm feeling blessed, lucky, but also brave. malasana garlandpose yoga yogalife yogateacher yogajourney yogalove secondchakra svadhisthana ilovewhatido grateful feelingblessed doingwhatilove thankfull appreciatinglife peaceful lifeisprecious apeacefulplace vam orange yogaclass peakposeoftheday

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Shauna Lee Brennan


Comment from Shauna Lee Brennan:

Some healthy dinner tonight by the fire. I love HOME❤🏡 fitness family healthy dinner bayarea organic fireplace cozy homedecor athlete nutrition mindset spiritual blessed grateful @mamacitabonita

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Comment from featheredhoney:

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Wandering Soul


Comment from Wandering Soul:

[I arise today Through the strength of heaven: Light of sun] . Your deepest roots are in nature.  No matter who you are, where you live, or what kind of life you lead, you remain irrevocably linked with the rest of creation.  Charles Cook grateful beautifulday natural nature reconnected healing

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AndreVirus Karkos


Comment from AndreVirus Karkos:

Showtime in Portland! dopetour dopetheband combichrist virusonguitar tourlife dowhatyoulove grateful

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Joanie McLeod


Comment from Joanie McLeod:

There is great comfort in trusting the One who has ordained each of our days. purpose connection belief hope journey temporaryhome grateful

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Jithin A J


Comment from Jithin A J:

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Comment from Anam👑:

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Freedom Coach | Adventurer


Comment from Freedom Coach | Adventurer:

Added some blonde to my hair today 😍💜💗😜 • • • • balayage blonde choppingblock breckenridge colorado vail hair loveit summeriscoming areyouready freedom lifestyle happy grateful coach selfie

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Alicia la Malicia


Comment from Alicia la Malicia:

Good morning Zurich! My commute to work is just ridiculous bliss grateful limmat

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Comment from Wolfie:

After all of these naughty birthday treats I'm actually craving healthy stuff. I'm pretty stoked my friends and family know my goals and got me these bday gifts. Cannot wait to cook some healthiness with these... not to mention I also got a food processor for Xmas. Workout wolf on the move! 🐺✨ LoveMyFriendsAndFamily Grateful HealthyAwesomeGifts thank you @maggiemustmove , Mom, Jock, @onewavestudioz and @jordanthemindsculptor 💜😍

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Tan Chee Seng


Comment from Tan Chee Seng:

我们对父母最好的爱,就是好好保护他们年轻时的“强势”,让他们在我们面前永远有底气。 我们对父母最好的态度,就是时时把他们放在心上,像小时候那样在乎他们的喜怒哀乐。 一个人对父母的态度,有时会在关键时刻改变他的人生轨迹!疼爱父母的人,自带贵人缘。他们往往能得到同样重情重义的人的赏识,从而结下善缘。 相反,一个对父母不好的人,也可能随时丢了本该属于自己的福气!爱父母是诸德之本。一个人,如果连对自己的父母都不好,那么他的外表再光鲜亮丽,事业再辉煌,社会地位再高,也是一个卑劣之人。 我们总想追求成功,但当我们家财万贯,权倾一野,名享海外时却发现我们的父亲在叹气,我们的母亲在流泪,这样的成功还有什么意义? 别让你的成长拿父母的身躯当垫脚石,别让你的勋章拿父母的血泪当原材料。 成功不在外面,它始终在家里。它不是你从外界赢得的鲜花和掌声,而是你永远都有能力保护自己的至亲不受委屈。 孝順 孝順父母 愛家人 我的最愛❤️ mybelovedfamily mydearparents loveyourparents tancheeseng instagram grateful thanksgiving

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Kara Marlene


Comment from Kara Marlene:

This was my confirmation for today. Love this woman. What about you? Repost @realtalkkim with @repostapp ・・・ You already KNOW! Just do it!! God has your back!! realtalkkim Romans 8:28

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Mona V. Elsness


Comment from Mona V. Elsness:

I am not here to fit in, I am here to learn. I am not here to be small, I am here to grow. I am not here to judge, I am here to give. I am not here to compete, everyone is my teacher. I am not here to be perfect, I am human. 🙏🏼 I am me, and that is enough 🙏🏼

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🌈Socal Witch Healer


Comment from 🌈Socal Witch Healer:

🖤if you know me personally, then you know I'll never run. I was raised to be fucking warrior & although many times I questioned the lifestyle, I questioned if we would be killed or not. A few times we slept with phones under our pillows & no back then we didn't have cell phones so it wasn't the norm. Regardless of my crazy amazing life...I'm so grateful for my family & friends who always had our back. 👫 many of you dk that majority of my tattoos are for my father, my best friend who life was take by the FBI. It's been a roller coaster of emotions but his passing brought me to my spirituality. Never questioned your journey. Be grateful & see the lessons. For those of you who think you know me, you don't, you only know the little pieces I share. Dont ever think Instagram tells you my whole story or anyone's story. Oh yeah FUCKTHEFBI pussies. Here and there I share a little part of me with you all. 😍 thank you @multidimensionalqueen for telling me to share this pic again lol much love queen 👸🏻

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Evelyn G.


Comment from Evelyn G.:

💜Love💜💜Love 💜💜Fam Bam Time!!!💜 galindopride

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