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Alžběta Illeová


Comment from Alžběta Illeová:

I've stopped counting my macros with "MyFitnessPall" since last week and I feel much better, not stressed about the food. iifymshit ..just make sure to have enough protein and healthy fats during the day and carbs as a postworkout. ✌🏼progressmentalnostresshappygymtrainingbodybuildingfitnessczechgirlshapeolomoucfollowmef4f

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Natalie Urbanova


Comment from Natalie Urbanova:

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Comment from bar_bora_ny:

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Comment from K A R O L:

Neschovávej se... Neboj vylez a pořádně si zakřič a řekni svůj názor.. me brownhair browneyes white instagirl czechgirl likesforlikes followforfollows retrica Schoolday

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Comment from Official-Honzík™:

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Comment from marti_ku:

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Comment from duhovka_fit:

Šmakoun mug cake with yoghurt, carob and banana. :-) I am sorry my foreing followers but for word Šmakoun doesn't exist any translation. It's special sweet czech product from egg whites. ;-) fitfitnessfitnessgirlsmotivationhealthyhealthyfoodbreakfastbananayoghurtcarobmugcakelike4likebojzanovyteloczechczechgirldelicious

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Dominika Hájková


Comment from Dominika Hájková:

Jako vždy jsem tam nechala duši...🤙🏼a docela dost peněz. strevo matejskapout march 2017 prague czechgirl blondie

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L+D ...❤️snap .lucisekmucisek1


Comment from L+D ...❤️snap .lucisekmucisek1:

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Tereza Jarošová


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Nik 🇨🇿🇺🇸


Comment from Nik 🇨🇿🇺🇸:

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Anett Leto


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Lu Hůlková


Comment from Lu Hůlková:

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M&A shop

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Comment from 🌈🌈🌈Terezka🦄🦄🦄:

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Comment from bar_bora_ny:

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♥ Hana 🇨🇿


Comment from ♥ Hana 🇨🇿:

So it's officially spring and we finally have summer time. Only thing that's missing now is some rock climbing. Please, take me there right now!😁🙌 . One of the things I enjoy is planning. I love making plans of trips, holidays or weekend sleepovers. I find it quite calming and really fun to do, every little detail is interesting and I can talk about everything for hours before it's actually happening... . Ok, let's be honest, some of my friends suggested that it's a massive obsession of mine and that I need to do something about it... (Thanks @bukacek99 😛😂) . But look at the bright side, I am more than happy to sort out everything! In my little head, all the climbing trips have already been planned😇 Unfortunately, in reality I still need to pray for good weather and free time, not only mine but more importantly - free time of my ultimate partners in crime😂 And that leaves more than enough space for improvisation in the end... Too much, doesn't it? 🙈

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Comment from Nikoleta:

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Benn Murhaaya


Comment from Benn Murhaaya:

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Comment from Efi_K:

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