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Wendy Frost


Comment from Wendy Frost:

This is the life. noworries palmtrees cocktails music caribbean love sandybeach jamaica onelove bliss rum sun sea

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Comment from SumMaiya:

Sun is setting down with serenity so lets rise up and glow... blues blend byme bliss nature natureclick naturelovers life leaf green feelit joy happines sky sun shine shades beautiful bestoftheday dusk dusksky skyline faded igmood instamoment instamood instanature instaclick peace tree peace

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Comment from BlissMx:

Claro que si! bliss blissatitude actitud girlpower blissspa skincare cuidatupiel actitudjueves

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Jenn Prine


Comment from Jenn Prine:

~ And here we go again over the debates with the word feminist and feminism . . . People can only grasp this at their own level of depth. It's complex. Patriarchy is a system and it infiltrates EVERYTHING whether you are aware of it or not. It's force fed to us through fairytales and religion and work culture and on and on. These egoic taught realities look different for each of us. Feminism is about sentience, learning to feel our lives. Learning to connect with someone who is NOT YOU. You can only do this if you are relatively healthy because people have a bad habit of taking it personally when we aren't all exactly like they are. They are seeking validation. If YOU like YOU then you don't need this. Sentience is a tricky bastard. Most people are doing every last thing possible to avoid the discomfort of looking inward, sitting with themselves presently through pain, and just feeling their lives. They use other people, religion, work, drugs, working out, television, sex - you name it; there are many ways to distract yourself from emotions. But we aren't going to be able to see each other's humanity until we conquer our addictions and intimacy issues. Until then we are just going to run around shouting at each other and finger pointing and acting like overgrown preteens. You wanna save our world, then save yourself by going within and clearing it out. The only way to release and heal it is by allowing yourself to feel it. THEN you will show up powerfully and presently. feminism femininerising feelyourlife feelittohealit sentience humanity compassion stopdistracting iampresence love bliss wholeness getridofthenoise

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Chanté Olivier


Comment from Chanté Olivier:

Put on your positive pants. 👖 - - - home studentlife puppylove serene bliss joyous girl like4like follow4follow webstagram tweegram photooftheday bestoftheday yorkshireterrier puppy loving happyvibes sunnydays

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Comment from Alisa:

Let the summer vibes begin ☀️🌸 🌊 wanderlust explore inspo tenerife island wanderer love vacay travel lifestyle free vibes nature bliss dream tropical instatravel inspiration spain es travelblog instatravel traveler travelgram photooftheday bestoftheday

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Comment from 👼⚜GDGIRL⚜👼:

Truly beautiful! One act of kindness can go a long way. Let kindness be your natural state earthling namaste awake behappy god positivevibes onelove enlightenment spiritual bliss love peace

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Comment from Béatrice:

New podcast episode - grab your earbuds!🎤 😀 @apalanca et @hellomireille rencontrent @chrisbergeron , directrice de création chez @cossettefr . Chris, autrefois Christophe, leur raconte avec passion et lucidité cette longue et fascinante histoire de son cheminement vers la féminité. podcasting podcastlife podcaster podcastshow podcastinglife women womenempowerment fearless bliss montreal radioshow advertising creativemornings beacast changetheworld talk montrealer beyourself portrait

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Comment from Jennifer_Hills:

Three of my favourite things coffee cigarette marijuana stoner happiness bliss tumblr

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An💝 | MyAnanda


Comment from An💝 | MyAnanda:

YOGA DAY Samstag, 25.3.2017 Ihr Lieben, mal wieder Zeit DANKE zu sagen, für eure Treue und ebenso alle Interessierten einzuladen, zu einer kostenfreien Yoga Session. SAMSTAG, 25.3.2017 - 10.00 - 11.00 YIN YOGA Euro 13,00 - oder Deine 10er Karte Es gibt noch 4 freie Plätze KOSTENFREIE YOGA CLASS - BLISS YOGA 75 Minuten SAMSTAG, 25.3.2017 - 11.15 - 12.30 BLISS YOGA 4ALL & 4FREE Es gibt noch 5 freie Plätze Ich freue mich auf Euch Eure An*** Ganzheitliche Praxis - MyAnanda Schamanin | Heilerin | Spirituelle Lehrerin | Coach | freie Autorin Reisen | Seminare | Ausbildungen | Inhouse Schulungen für Firmen Praxis: Goethestrasse 3 | 64807 Dieburg antje | yoga yogadaily yogagermany yogabeginner yogainspiration yogainthecity dieburg dieburger freeyoga yogaeverywhere bliss blissyoga yogateacher yogamatte fitnesshealthy eventsaturday detoxspring

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What about Mommy's (WAM)


Comment from What about Mommy's (WAM):

Spring is in the air...

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Victor sykes


Comment from Victor sykes:

Gettin my boy Garry in ready for his wedding in a few weeks! What is your WHY???? shesaidyes weddingphotography wedding happy bliss love health

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*Ai* 💓


Comment from *Ai* 💓:

Surrounded by Australian wildflowers on our way to the beach bliss @discoveryloyalty mybeachdiscovery

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Mrinalini Mitra


Comment from Mrinalini Mitra:

The woods are calling again. tbt promisestokeep nature woods wayanad lostinthewoods naturelovers india naturephotography instareal instashot instadaily indialove instagood peace bliss explore travelgram travelphotography traveling timetodisappear

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Comment from A.J.:

I thought it was Spring..? 🤔🙄

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My private yoga class


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Golden sea ✨ Blissful time of contemplation ✨ goldensea bliss contemplation meditation waves vagues mer sea sunset soleilcouchant sun soleil yogainspiration yogagirl yogini instantpresent pleineconscience mindfulness hereandnow icietmaintenant goodvibes positivevibes mediterranean provence myprivateyogaclass

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Every storm will pass.

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Manifestation Mindset


Comment from Manifestation Mindset:

Dont worry about what haters say! manifestationmindset

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Manifestation Mindset


Comment from Manifestation Mindset:

Every Mistake is a learning experience manifestationmindset

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Kathena Marie


Comment from Kathena Marie:

Feeling the simple beauty of rewilding ~as nature reclaims a once structured human experience.

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