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Cathy Runkles Campbell


Comment from Cathy Runkles Campbell:

Brigette Bardot meets Jenny Lewis. Bangs for this blonde I adore. Check out Emily Onemanband curated vintage shop on Etsy. She bleeds style and does a mean scissor kick. getrunkled onemanband blondefayetteville bangs freshcut scissorkick

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Hamada Lamzaghi


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Christine Hrapova


Comment from Christine Hrapova:

tuff girl with @elliotcronin 😂😂 knuckle tattoo rings silver onyx feather bangs dark bar inked

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Comment from Erica:

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Elder Buny


Comment from Elder Buny:

🐯😘💬 selfie wednesday me myface glasses nerdglasses blueeyes glassesandmakeup eyeliner mascara shorthair bangs brownhair tshirt spn varsityjacket schoolbus mask cat positive positivity like lifeisgood pose chill warm bright

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Viola Luu


Comment from Viola Luu:

I'm so happy she finally decided to change it up. I like to use a straight razor to create a soft lived in feel. It's amazing how something as simple as getting bangs can freshen up your whole look. violadoesmyhair

3 Minutes ago

Valerie de la Llama


Comment from Valerie de la Llama:

Shortest my hair has been in a long time! It feels so much healthier 🙌🏼 newhair dyerandposta bangs lob

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Chelsea L. Fisher 💋⬆️


Comment from Chelsea L. Fisher 💋⬆️:

"My grandmother started walking five miles a day when she was sixty. She's ninety-seven now, and we don't know where the hell she is." - Ellen DeGenerous // ellendegenerous degenerous ellen grandmother quote quotes laughter funny lips lipstick selfie selfies selfiequeen blonde blondehair blondebeauty blondebangs bangs straightbangs beauty gorgeous makeup eyes greeneyes flawless selfiegram naturalblonde lashes eyelashes selfieaddict

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Chelsea L. Fisher 💋⬆️


Comment from Chelsea L. Fisher 💋⬆️:

•so it's gonna be forever, or it's gonna go down in flames, you can tell me when it's over, if the high was worth the pain• // taylorswift swift blankspace taylorswiftlyrics blankspacelyrics forever flames downinflames lips lipstick selfie selfies selfiequeen blonde blondehair blondebeauty blondebangs bangs straightbangs beauty gorgeous makeup eyes greeneyes flawless blackandwhite blackandwhitefilter blackandwhiteselfie blackandwhitepics blackandwhitephoto

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Katie Stevens


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Comment from Alejandra:

Note to self: don't cut your bangs when you're being a little too emotional. 😬

7 Minutes ago

Ratrodz, Pin ups, Mayhem!


Comment from Ratrodz, Pin ups, Mayhem!:

Repost @missteasintina ・・・ Tattoo time tomorrow! I'm finally getting the one on my stomach done 😄 pinup pinupgirl pinupgal pinupdoll pinupmodel rockabilly rockabella rockabillystyle rockabellastyle rockabillygirl rockabillylife rockabillylifestyle 1950s 1940s redhair redhead redhot bangs sweden hot sweet cute vintage vintagelife vintagestyle vintagegirl

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Neko Lolita


Comment from Neko Lolita:

🦄🦄🦄 harajuku photographer loli loligirl lolitta kawaii anime doll dolly blueeyes pastel warm pastel cute cuteselfie fringe bangs

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Product Club Color Accessories


Comment from Product Club Color Accessories:

One of us is going to stop cutting them: Will it be you or me? ProductClub Bangs

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Comment from ✨Ericka✨:

Guys I need help. Should I get bangs again? Or does my massive forehead look ok without?? . advice help hairadvice yes or no yesbangs bangs shouldigetbangs hair newhair haircut balyage blonde idontknowwhattodo opinions plussize plussizefashion roundface fatbabe instagram whatdoyouthink vscocam girlswhosmokeweed girlswithglasses septumpiercing

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Zet Jenson


Comment from Zet Jenson:

Mid-week doodles ✏️

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Ira Funesta


Comment from Ira Funesta:

Girl sitting on the stairs , sunbathing , sunglasses , spring , hot , redhair , bangs , lipstickred , flowereddress , dress ,barefoot , openair , air , sunlight , railing , shadowplay italiangirl irafunesta

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Daily Luxury pictures


Comment from Daily Luxury pictures:

tbt gusttavolima nflcombine prom nec philippines brugge mickeyjunkies getinthevan tour henryrollins van rocknsoul blackflag 2013 fringe selfie tbtthe edmotta love instagood photooftheday bangs cute me beautiful followme happy tumblr tumblrlife

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Bex Lecter


Comment from Bex Lecter:

End of the day 👌🏻 Excuse the Trumpiness of my skin but these lights are orange af 🤷🏻‍♀️ I tested a few new products today and I'm OBSESSED, here are the details: . 🖤 FACE @katvondbeauty featherweight primer @kikocosmetics skin trainer cc blur @nyxcosmetics_es total control drop foundation in porcelain (NEW FAVOURITE ❤️) NYX mineral powder (NEW FAVOURITE ❤️) @lunatick_cosmetic_labs contour book KVD Thunderstruck highlight . 🖤EYES AND BROWS KVD Witches as a base Shade and light eye contour palette Thunderstruck Concealer creme NYX lid lacquer (NEW FAVOURITE ❤️) @urbandecaycosmetics perversion pencil @toofaced better than sex waterproof mascara . 🖤LIPS KVD Nosferatu and Hexagram . makeup motd smokeyeye glossyeyes nyxcosmetics nyxcosmetics_es totalcontrol dropfoundation contour lunatickcosmeticlabs glossy lidlacquer redlips septum bangs thunderstruck katvondbeauty kvdlook metalcrush messy shadeandlightpalette nosferatu gothgoth fauxbleachedbrows sstrazzere

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Mariah Jade


Comment from Mariah Jade:

Been trying to get back in the portraits portrait portraitart art artlife graphite charcoal drawing rustyartist pinupgirl pinup michelinepitt bettybangs california centralvalley turlock sketch quicksketch rockabilly bangs curlyhair

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