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aesthetic - i mean i try, sooo


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yurionice aesthetic

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Art Is Subliminal Pornography


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Medium: India ink/pen & ink Style: all pen and ink styles Subject: non objective eye eyeball penandink indiaink art artsy artist artclass arthaul doodle dippen penfromhell notagoodidea aesthetic journal artsykoda

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Shahil Minesh Prasad


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you say one wrong thing to someone and they stop contacting you. it burns even more when you've known them for a while. fakefriends why anxiety Aesthetic Whyarekoreangirlssomean

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Sordid Pixel


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glitch glitchart vintage aesthetic mountains pixel pixelsorting

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Luisa Martínez 🦄


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Some eye fairies for an illustration project 👁👁. . cute art packaging paint editorial drawing mexico aesthetics instaartist love animation happy creative sketch girl aesthetic pastel graphicdesign kawaii myart artwork illustration fun pink fashion design colour perfect

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Brandon スープラ Rimz


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When your phone is barely capable of turning GIFs into videos and putting music over the video while merging multiple GIF videos. YaBoiNeedsANewPhone AESTHETIC VAPORWAVE 2814 新しい日の誕生 悲哀

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- - I'm done posting for a while. I figure I'll get back around to it sometime. 👽✌🏽👽 - aesthetic chill sad vaporwave pastel badvibes art grunge darkart spam theme lyrics crying tøp drawing anime animation like depressing cleanse vent amine -

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muhamad nur kholis


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2017 👉 sixpack😁 aesthetic sixpack asiahunk lmen nopainnogain workout abs gymjogja model shredded like4like like4follow

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What are the 3 things that you are grateful for? 1. Me 2. Myself 3. I . . . depression freedom sky cloudporn aesthetic poetry art malaysia singapore sg instamood lgbtq queer softgrunge pastel grunge anarchy instagay tumblraesthetic tumblr alternative

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Daniel Daily


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Success goes to those who are willing to go on a limb. Never be afraid of growthmindset or investing in building your medicalpractice or healthcareclinic or starting a healthclub or wellnessbusiness chiropractor dentist dermatologist physician physicaltherapist plasticsurgeon aesthetic massagetherapist fitnessguru

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Aesthetic gains

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theme - blue


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- ? - • • • • •aestheticaestheticsaesthetictumblraestheticblueaestheticbluethemeaestheticbluetumblrtumblrsignsignsaestheticsigngrungeaestheticaestheticgrungetumblr

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The Aesthetic Union


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High and dry // letterpress limited edition California landscape print "Joshua Tree" by our own @jameslewistucker // spending a few days in that sun and speeding along in the rock eroding wind this series feels fresh, in fact I might have to do another one // Split fountain background is inspired by the desert sunset sky, topographic map debossed subtly, silver clouds halftone printed on the last layer // Only 2 left of the edition . . . joshuatree desertanddenim letterpress limitededition printmaking printsnotdead abstractart topography highdesert nomad artprint minimalism sfart californiaadventure aesthetic

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i feel like spamming, sorry kids. spam. ••••••tags, ignore. aesthetic spooky hmu idunno

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Heidi V. Alvarado(海蒂)♍~♥~💋💄


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Well I always seem to find a way to fuck EVERYTHING up! aesthetic thesimpsons bart fml vaporwave

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