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Jeremy Mercier


Comment from Jeremy Mercier:

Certains me le diront: "tu en est loin " Et je répondrais: " je n en ai jamais été aussi proche" 💪les efforts réguliers mènent à la réussite de nos objectifs💪. motivation calumvonmoger success bodytransformation body fit fitfam dream objectif naturel nutrition training

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Jurnal Investasi


Comment from Jurnal Investasi:

It's not about your past, it's about you now and years later jurnalinvestasi investasi keuangan proteksi asuransi insurance edukasi literasi management finance business entrepreneurship sukses menabung asuransi optimis dream business bisnis motivasi solusi success rich

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Kobi Goldschmidt


Comment from Kobi Goldschmidt:

טיסה נעימה... success lifestyle love fun friendship lml lifeisbeautiful

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Praveen Chandran Photography


Comment from Praveen Chandran Photography:

I was awarded BEST MOBILE PHOTOGRAPHER this week by . . . . . 😂😂😂 For God's sake, I know you didn't believe it. If you did then I had you shocked. 😂😝😆. Shot this on a site visit. mobilephotography ooty chill cool area site shotonmi5 gold color innerpeace light reflection glow photography phonephotography prank laugh fail or success never giveup dreams followed peace hardwork satisfying results office design

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Comment from Dr.bein:

Samstag Halle 10.2 fibo2017 um 15.10 Uhr Main Stage. .."Collateral Damage Deadlift Show"!!!!💪💪💪🥇🥈🥉 strong ready dailypost outbackgymmainz lifestyle crossfit freedom onedayluckyguy instadaily fitfam fitfamily instagym mcfitsuccess derwilleindir machdichwahr bodyfitness instafit fitmotivation crossfitgirlsgym beastmode training bodybuilding fitnesshi5 lifepowerearth @crossfitgengymteamandro

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Jenni Christmas


Comment from Jenni Christmas:

You are unique. Your experiences are unique. Someone somewhere is looking for exactly what you have to offer.

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Jurnal Investasi


Comment from Jurnal Investasi:

It's not about your past, it's about you now and years later jurnalinvestasi investasi keuangan proteksi asuransi insurance edukasi literasi management finance business entrepreneurship sukses menabung asuransi optimis dream business bisnis motivasi solusi success rich

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Carl Murray


Comment from Carl Murray:

There are very few sentences that get you motivated than someone saying that you cant, It's a mindset changer , red rag to a bull call it what you will , but more often than not those of us that take this on make it happen because someone in our past said we couldn't do it. rewardsfightambitiontonyrobbinsdedicationlifequotesquotesbillionairemillionairesuccessjourneyentrapreneurmindpower instaquotesuccessfulquotesmoneyworkonlinemakememoney20likesfor20likes

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Ruben Schmidt


Comment from Ruben Schmidt:

Working 24/7 😄🔥🔝 I love it business successquote success earnmoney247 earnmoney vierundzwanzigsieben passiveincome fitness garyvee entrepreneur picoftheday goals hustle quotes quoteoftheday mindset lifestyle inspirationalquotes inspiring motivationalquotes motivation inspiration nothingisordinary makersgonnamake startuplife entrepreneurlife entrepreneurship selfawareness passion onelife

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Robert Vidaurri


Comment from Robert Vidaurri:

These two have become besties since they started living together. An unfortunate loss has taken place just 3 weeks ago. The passing of Kaya has been tough for the whole household. Meatball and Leena have taken it very hard. Since that happened these two are now inseparable. I'm so thankful that they have each other it's made Kaya bears absence easier for them to deal with. My baby and I love our furbabies Meatball is a Razors Edge pocket blue pit and Leena is a Japanese Shiba Inu. Take care of your dogs like they're your family because they are. "BELIEVE TO ACHIEVE". successful success hardworkpaysoff ifbb bodybuilding bodybuilder npc npccompetitor npcbodybuilding npcbodybuilder fitness fitnessinspiration gym gymrat gymlife creation motivated trainhard lightheavyweightbodybuilding fitlife fitcouple

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Mr. Stefan ZoGoM


Comment from Mr. Stefan ZoGoM:

Dobro jutro :) success tatazanekestvari restaurantmanagerlife

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James Walker


Comment from James Walker:

success now I can go to work! Cheeky smile at the bottom!

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Pamela Channeling


Comment from Pamela Channeling:

Temptation! If you have an addiction, know that it's possible to overcome it. Don't let your past efforts that have failed stop you from trying to overcome your addiction. Deck used: The psychic tarot oracle deck by John Holland.

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No sweat Hunnie

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Tom Hadfield


Comment from Tom Hadfield:

Remember 😊

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Watch Time Travel


Comment from Watch Time Travel:

Compliments- compliments everywhere 💎⚙️

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M. Colette


Comment from M. Colette:

Be Pragmatic and use Design to Spice up your Product 🍝

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Online Coach-Fitness Lifestyle


Comment from Online Coach-Fitness Lifestyle:

💥We rise by lifting others 💥 ----------- good morning people! Today I will go to the gym just do do some mobility work. Foam rolling, abs and perhaps some light cardio. I am in my deload week and I can feel I really need this deload to come back better, fitter and stronger. A deload is a period (usually 5-7 days) whereas you give your body and cns (central nerve system) the rest to recover from all that heavy weight lifting. A deload is usually done every 4-16 weeks. It is different for everyone. You decrease the weight and sets by 50% and focus on perfect form. Some people like to completely stay out of the gym during his or her deload, check out wat works for you! If you have more questions or when you are interested in knowing more about my online coaching plans for losing body fat or gaining lean muscle, please get in touch with me via email or dm! 💪😀 photo taken by: @berardguilella

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Esther Garcia - Bikini Athlete


Comment from Esther Garcia - Bikini Athlete:

👸🏼💚🌈☀️GoodMorning . . 📣Evento de última hora! Esta tarde staré en @perfectfit_girona con en motivo del 5️⃣ aniversario 🎂del gimnasio! . Allí me encontrareis en un stand donde se hará una cata de proteínas de AMIX 🍼 así como asesoramiento sobre sus productos💕 . Si necesitáis también información sobre mis servicios de nutrición o entrenamientos también me podréis consultar 😊 . Nos vemos en PerfectFitGirona guerrer @s 🏋️‍♀️💜 . ▪️▪️▪️▪️▪️▪️▪️▪️▪️▪️ . @amixesp @perfectfitmollet @perfectfit_girona @amixstore @amixperformance @amixnutrition

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Comment from EACH DAY ONLINE:

IT'S CLOSEST WHEN YOU'RE MOST DISCOURAGED... Anyone thinking of giving up on faith, giving up on hope, giving up on God and His promises? Please hold on some more and do not give up! Yes, this is your most pressing time of all: You just lost that contract You're having issue's with your spouse Friends have deserted you Your lover just left you Your financial needs go unmet... And yes, hope deferred makes the heart sick. But still, it's NOT time to give up! Remember it's darkest before dawn. And your answers are closest when your discouraged the most. Just a little while, this one too shall pass. Please hold on and do not give up!!! WordForToday, TodaysReading, Devotionals inspiration motivation funmiadebayo DevotionalsByFunmiAdebayo EachDayOnline, DontGiveUp, DontBeDiscouraged textgram - quote encouragement inspirationalquotes success writer writersofinstagram writersofig instablogger contentdeveloper socialmedia digitalmarketer note selflove notetoself tagforlikes jesuschrist hope author

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