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Comment from WinNieHsw🙈🙉🙊:

和婆婆玩 👧👵 play with grandma bbvictoriaLYE

16 Minutes ago

Alyssa Corona


Comment from Alyssa Corona:

Finally took the sling out of her bath, she loved it! EmeryLennor MissEm 10weeksold bathtime

23 Minutes ago

Melissa Cortez


Comment from Melissa Cortez:

Oh how i love cuddle time with you. kristoffmelden babyboy myson motherandson motherhood momlife family preciousmoments babybrother 10weeksold

51 Minutes ago



Comment from melane_wong:

These 2 melt my heart 😘😍❤️ Brooklyn already loves her big sis @_.meganwong. 😍sisters 15yearsdifference daughters sisterlove 10weeksold loveyoutitimeg

55 Minutes ago



Comment from melane_wong:

Finally a family photo 😍 thanks to @_.meganwong. for taking our photo! next time we shall do a selfie all 4 of us! BrooklynRose family 10weeksold babygirl

1 Hours ago

Lindsey Hoover


Comment from Lindsey Hoover:

A man and his dog🐶 🐄my🌎 chocolatelaboftheday chocolatelabpuppy instadog instapuppy 10weeksold cows neighbors

1 Hours ago

¢нєℓѕєα ѕℓαтє


Comment from ¢нєℓѕєα ѕℓαтє:

Those baby legs😍👶🏼💙 jaggyjett honestcompany diaperbutt 10weeksold chunkythighs

1 Hours ago

Courtney Edwards


Comment from Courtney Edwards:

My Instagram will probably just turn into pictures of this guy, but I don't mind 🐾💙. goldenretriever 10weeksold

1 Hours ago

Elyse Waite


Comment from Elyse Waite:

Met the easterbunny today 😄💙🐰10weeksold

2 Hours ago

Jen Lang


Comment from Jen Lang:

Ever since I was little I knew I wanted to be a Mum, I swear that was my answer when people asked me what I wanted to be when I grow up...except I always said I wanted 7...I also said I wanted all 7 by that means I have 1 year and 8 months to have another 4 😂😂😂

2 Hours ago

Mel Purcell


Comment from Mel Purcell:

Just talking away. 10weeksold

2 Hours ago



Comment from Tricia:

My face when my farts scare me. 10weeksold

3 Hours ago

Lora Walter


Comment from Lora Walter:

Dakota 10weeksold yellowlab yellowlabpuppy playtime labsofinstagram labs dakota

3 Hours ago

Davy Crockett Goldendoodle


Comment from Davy Crockett Goldendoodle:

I'm a little late... but Happy National Puppy Day!!! This is me on the car ride home 🚗🐶 I was an 😇 as per usual. lonestardoodles goldendoodle goldendoodlepuppy firstcarride f1goldendoodle puppylove puppyoftheday newhome puppy puppiesofig puppiesofinstagram puppies dog dogsofinsta dogsofinstagram dogsofig dogstagram toungueouttuesday tounge happyboy babyboy 10weeksold 11weeksold doodlelove doodlesofinstagram doodlesofinsta dood doodlelife

3 Hours ago

Mo Vynogradenko


Comment from Mo Vynogradenko:

Мама придумала себе новое развлечение. Раз в неделю фоточка на покрывале, что бы видеть как щеки разрастаются и глаза становятся все хитрее. На этой неделе у нас наконец стал значительно реже болеть живот (я связываю это с радикальной сменой питания), Мо стала ещё сильнее поднимать голову и спину (доктор сказала, что она рано сядет), глаза посветлели и теперь яркого серого цвета (а в левом маленькое коричневое пятнышко), а мимика стала очень разнообразной и активной (хотя казалось бы - куда уж больше). Папа взял вторую часть отпуска, пробудет с нами одну неделю и поедет на родину, увидеться с родителями и друзьями. Мы уже ужасно скучаем 💜

3 Hours ago



Comment from Chuchi:

Just taking a nice walk, this paws are made for walking 😊 poodlesofinstagram standardpoodlepuppy redstandardpoodle poodle dogsofinstgram 10weeksold puppy

3 Hours ago

1 Of 1 🎲🎰🏅


Comment from 1 Of 1 🎲🎰🏅:

We Be Having Full Blown Conversations! 💯💙ttsbaby himsohappy helovestalkingtohistt mycamarones babycam jr hejusttalkingaway tellmeallaboutitnephew 10weeksold

4 Hours ago

Chantal Martin


Comment from Chantal Martin:

He was so ready for spoon feedings and solid foods! And he's only 10 weeks old and eating like a pro!! 💪👏😍 Guess he's not really my little baby anymore 😭😭💔💔 Baby Feeding 10weeksold GrowingUp LittleMan

4 Hours ago

Maui Pupule


Comment from Maui Pupule:

The first picture my Mommy @laus_deo_1991 took of my the day she adopted me 032417 at the Vet. maui mauipupule yorkie yorkshireterrier yorkieboy yorkieclub @yorkies_forever_ tagme 🐶 032417 10weeksold 3poundyorkie

4 Hours ago



Comment from WinNieHsw🙈🙉🙊:

chit chat with daddy till late night 夜了两父女还在聊天👪😒 bbvictoriaLYE

2 Days ago